Ode for Mother (1) – Encounter


46 years ago God blessed me with her birth.

One kind of Guardian Angel descended from the sky in form of mere human.

That was my first fateful encounter.


People grow and change with their encounter. What kind of encounters? Anything, I mean like everything, meeting with new people, found great book in bookstore, jobs, everything that passed by or staying for a while in our life was precious encounter. Some people learn to open their hearts and express their feeling, the other learns to keep and guard their feeling in their hearts faithfully, and some can give theirs wholeheartedly because of one fateful encounter. While others  still (pretend) don’t get nothing. just like Andrea Hirata expressed in his  work Ayah (2015), about how encounter shaping people life.

Let me cite other line from his work,

“Segala hal terjadi tiga kali, Boi. Pertama lahir, kedua hidup, ketiga mati. Pertama lapar, kedua kenyang, ketiga mati. Pertama jahat, kedua baik, ketiga mati. Pertama benci, kedua cinta, ketiga mati. Jangan lupa mati boy.”

So the same goes with encounter, first we reflect each other, second we tied karmic thread, third we died.

I always thought that encounters are like mirror. We see each other in reflection, we receive and give, we convey and accept, we occupy and being occupied at the same time. Thus happen unconsciously and undeniable. At very that time we mutually intervene and meddling with others life. Then here goes the marks, which can be signature, scratch or even deep wound tied up with karmic thread. But whatever the form takes that was grandeur of life that must be cherished.

In this moment I would like to express my gratitude to Thy. Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing me to encounter epiphanies, and eternally change my perspective in life and how I walk the path of life.

When one had die, the mirror do not broke, instead the reflection becomes immortal painting and the thread will never be severed. As Cicero said, the life of the dead is placed in memory of living. So the one died is not going anywhere but in my very heart. Through prayer slipped by, at every opportunity and within every memory I treasured. Here I am been inherited with new responsibilities and such. To eternally pray and beg for forgiveness on behalf of her, to honor her kin and relatives, fulfilling her will and testament and do good deeds for the rest of my life.


Thanks for the one of the greatest gift in my life, the mirror within every encounters and the encounter itself. 

Credit untuk Dara atas pencerahan eksistensialnya di 22 Januari 2016.


4 respons untuk ‘Ode for Mother (1) – Encounter

  1. Hey, just doing some blog walking and i finally found your blog from my ancient blog on blogspot. hehehe
    And big condolences for your mother, may Alloh gave her the best place in jannah.
    Sorry it’s my pen name and i`m one of your old friend.

    How is your thesis?

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